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Breast Surgery

Breast augmentation surgery
Breast reduction
Breast lift
Augmentation and breast lift
Breast reduction and lifting
Implant replacement
Correction of asymmetric breasts
Sunken nipple correction
Gynecomastia – Breast reduction surgery for men

Currently, the Israeli Society for Plastic Surgery accepts that breast surgeries
should not be done before the age of 17.

Definitely! If a woman suffers from large and sagging breasts, it is possible to perform breast reduction and lifting and obtain a good, lifted result, even without an implant. Furthermore, in women with a breast that is satisfactory in size but has sagged, it is possible to perform only a breast lift and achieve an excellent result – a nice, raised breast but no implant has been used.
An implant is a foreign body that increases the cost of the surgery and brings its own problems. In our opinion, if it is possible to manage without an implant it is preferable to do so.

Breast augmentation, breast reduction, breast lift, breast enlargement and lifting,
breast reduction and lifting, replacement of implants,
asymmetric breast correction, sunken nipple correction, gynecomastia – breast reduction surgery for men.

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