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    Facial Surgery

    Rhinoplasty surgery
    Eyelid surgery
    Eyebrow lift
    Forehead lift
    Cheek contouring
    Chin contouring
    Lip reduction/lifting surgery

    Absolutely not.
    Face lift surgery is appropriate for women and men with skin excess and sagging facial tissue that can no longer be corrected by injecting a small amount of filler. The earliest age to have face lift surgery is the early forties. Women in their thirties who start wrinkling and experience slight sagging – should preferably settle for facial skin refreshing, fillers and Botox injections – these options are lighter, hardly require any recovery time and are cheaper.

    Currently, the Israeli Society for Plastic Surgery accepts that nasal esthetic surgery should not be done before the age of 17.

    Facial sculpting refers to improving the appearance of the skin by injecting fillers into various areas of the face for a younger and more harmonious look. The injections can be made into the eyebrow area, the eye sockets, cheekbones, wrinkles at the sides of the mouth and under the mouth, as well as the chin and jaw.
    A facelift is the most powerful tool for improving the jawline (improving the bulldog or jowly look), by treating a sagging neck and removing excess skin. In the course of the face lift it is also possible to inject fat to fill wrinkles and induce a more radiant and younger skin (autologous fat contains a considerable quantity of stem cells that have been shown to improve the quality of the skin).

    So what is actually the difference? Facial sculpting is a temporary option that lasts about a year and restores volume. It is not appropriate for faces with significant sagging. Since most of those who are currently injecting are not plastic surgeons, they cannot perform face lifts and offer facial sculpting using numerous syringes of filler, charge about half the cost of facelift surgery and produce a much shorter-lasting result.

    Face lift, rhinoplasty, eyelids surgery, eyebrows lift, forehead lift,
    cheek contouring, chin contouring, lip reduction surgery and lip lift surgery.

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