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    This field of expertise focuses on the design and creation of restoration and/or replacement of teeth. The Prosthodontist is responsible for the Smile appearance as well as function of the mouth.
    All treatments, especially complex ones should start with a prosthodontic architectural design of the expected outcome, this can be performed using a clinical mockup or a digital design. According to that Design the proper treatment is planned.
    The treatment may include Crowns, Bridges, Aesthetic porcelain veneering of teeth, and implant supported restoration. In complex cases, where implants are advised, a careful plan of the optimal positioning and loading is devised to support the exact chosen final prosthetic design.
    Today, the Digital assisted 3D planning allows us to control the placement of implants during surgery using a digitally guided implant placement where an immediate 3D-Digitally manufactured restoration can be placed.
    These cases are performed by a team of specialists in the field of Oral-Surgery & Prosthodontology, a Master Dental-Technician and may also include other specialist in the Dental and Medical fields.

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