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    Body Sculpture

    Body lift
    Tummy tuck
    Arm lift
    Excess skin removal after weight loss and gynecomastia.

    In a tummy tuck we remove a large quantity of the stomach skin and subcutaneous
    fat and also strengthen the stomach muscles.
    This produces a smoother and tighter abdomen along with a strengthening of the abdominal wall and
    better contour of the upper abdomen and the waist.
    Liposuction simply involves the suction of excess subcutaneous fat in the hope that the excess skin will contract on its own.
    Regrettably, the results of abdominal liposuction are usually disappointing, unless the initial problem is relatively slight.

    The results of a tummy tuck usually last forever although the skin loosens
    and slight skin excess and limpness reoccur over time. What can ruin the results of a
    tummy tuck is massive weight gain or a pregnancy after surgery.

    In every area of the body in which there is an accumulation of fat that does not
    respond to dieting or exercising – lipodystrophy in the professional jargon.
    Fat can be sucked from the neck, the sides of the chest, the back and the waist,
    the abdomen and the inner and outer thighs, the knees and sometimes from the shins as well.

    Body contouring treatments and plastic surgery are liposuction, body lift,
    tummy tuck, arm lift, removal of excess skin after weight loss and gynecomastia.

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