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Onlay Bone Graft

Dr. Devorah Schwartz-Arad: Surgery

During the last two decades, the knowledge and the technology related to bone grafting for dental implantation, have been develop significantly. The huge progress made over time, includes not only the introduction of new and improved materials, but also new technologies methods that support us in a much better way in our daily work when reconstructing the atrophic ridge. Our challenge: Long term and predictable repair of the atrophic ridge. As an inseparable part of our knowledge of the physiological and the pathological healing processes, we must also acquire new expertise and treatment concepts both in the surgical field and in the esthetic field. Since 1997, when I had my first experience in intraoral autologous block bone grafts for dental implantation, I have executed hundreds of augmentation procedures, and accumulated a lot of experience in this field. As part of this MASTER CLASS in INTRAORAL AUTOLOGOUS ONLAY BONE GRAFTING, for reconstruction of atrophied alveolar ridge, I am happy to share with you my experience and present to you the methods and the devices that serve me in my daily work. This Master Class is intended to dentists who will be implementing intraoral autologous onlay bone grafting and also to dentists who want to gain knowhow and comprehensive understanding on proper surgical treatment options in certain sever atrophic cases

– Augmentation by grafting a block of bone from an adjacent endogenous source for horizontal and vertical increase
– Indications for and against
– Surgical technique
– Complications – workshop for practice on models
For dentists with 5 years’ experience in the field of dental implants

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