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    General Anesthesia and Deep Sedation

    Principles of general anesthesia for dental trearments
    – Assessing and preparing the patient for anesthesia
    – Monitoring during anesthesia
    – Air passage
    – Waking up and recovery
    – Complications in anesthesia
    – ALS – principles of resuscitation
    – Legal aspects of dental treatments under general anesthesia
    – Managing treatment of patients under general anesthesia
    – Options for handling anxious patients
    – Children
    – Sedation
    – Final exam

    The theoretical part includes 6 sessions with a theoretical examination in the end of the theoretical part.
    The practical part includes participation in 20 treatments performed under general anesthesia or intravenous sedation as required by the ministry of health.
    In accordance with Ministry of Health instructions and regulations, the dentist participating in the course will be the main provider of treatment in at least 5 of these 20 treatments, under the guidance and supervision of the course staff.
    These 5 treatments will be performed on the participating dentist’s own patients, and he must find suitable patients.
    The cost of an anesthetist and use of the medical facility for these patients will be by the patient himself.
    In another 5 cases, the treating dentist will act as assistant to another treating dentist, i.e. as second provider of treatment, and will also observe 10 cases.

    The course grants Ministry of Health certificate & approval to perform dental treatments under general anesthesia, in accordance with the 2009 regulations.

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